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Description: A brushed Nickel finish to perfectly complement stainless steel sinks and appliances.


• Handcrafted in the UK

• Plated to a thickness that exceeds the industry standards

• Produced from quality low lead brass

• 1/4 turn ceramic disc flow control

• Vernier insert for accurate handle alignment

• Unique handle construction with integral bearing ring

• Flexible connectors for easier installation

• Lever Handles

• Handle insert options available

• Pull out spray rinse with insulated handle

• Filtration technology


Perrin & Rowe® using Triflow® Technology ensures the filtered water is not cross-contaminated by the standard mains hot and cold water. It incorporates the highest standard Swiss made ceramic filter which significantly reduces harmful substances such as chemical and biological contaminates as well as most heavy metals and particles as small as 0.2 microns, while leaving untouched beneficial minerals such as fluoride, magnesium and calcium.


This product features a Perrin & Rowe Hand Rinse. Easy to use and versatile, the rinses can be positioned to the left or the right of the sink. They have insulated handles and a flexible hose (standard length 120cm) ensuring safety and convenience. Hot, cold or mixed water is diverted to the rinse once the top button is pressed.