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At the heart of this range cooker’s unique construction is the Energy Saving Panel (ESP). This removable panel allows you to switch from a full-size 108 litre oven that’s great for entertaining en-masse, to a more modest 49 litre oven that uses less energy when cooking smaller dishes. When the panel is in place the spare cavity acts as a handy plate warming facility, using residual heat from the adjacent oven. The panel and shelves can be stored in the full-width drawer below when not in use.


• Multifunction oven offers defrost, fan oven, fanned grilling,fan-assisted oven, conventional oven, browning elementand base heat in both full oven and divided mode

• Large, single triple-glazed door for easy viewing and reduced kitchen temperatures

• Storage drawer large enough to fit your Energy Saving Panel and all the oven furniture when not in use

• Full-width and half-width shelves provided

• Dual grill pan system offers safe grilling across full or half-oven width

• Single-piece hotplate with five burners, each fitted with FSDs (Flame Supervision Devices)