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Chloe specification sheet

Chloe Dimensions

A modern take on the classic wall mounted cooker hood, Chloé is available in a selection of 4 stunning metallic finishes. These are old metal, old copper, old brass and Dark Grey Matt Chloé’s stylish metallic tones perfectly reflect the latest trends in urban kitchen design.

The Chloé is treated with special varnishes which have been developed to create long lasting and durable scratch and chemical resistance coatings. As a result, this makes the Chloé a robust wall cooker hood that will endure everyday use from a busy household.

The trapezoid shape of Chloé is reminiscent of the traditional cooker hood designs of the past. However, due to Chloe’s ability to be ducted straight from the rear of the unit, a chimney is not necessary to complete the unique look.

The distinctive LED light bar is placed at the centre of the underside of the extractor. This perfectly illuminates the cooking area below, with a 4100 K light, whilst ensuring very low energy consumption. In fact, this wall cooker hood is A Rated for energy efficiency, therefore making it one of the most energy efficient hoods on the market today.

Innovative Faber extraction technology, such as perimeter extraction, means that Chloé is a reliable addition to the kitchen. With extraction rates that reach between 270 m³h and 730 m³h and the ability to be ducted or used on recirculating mode, the Chloé would make a stunning addition in any kitchen design. The Chloé combines innovative new technology with a rustic style.




Air Capacity (m³h) 270 410 590 730
Pressure (PA) 460 550 590 600
Power (Watt) 150 200 240 250
Noise Level (db) 49 56 64 68



112.0158.127 FHP8 High Performance Charcoal Filter
112.0185.278 FLL8 Long Lasting Charcoal Filter
112.0490.249 Rear Air Outlet Kit: Chloe Old Metal
112.0490.250 Rear Air Outlet Kit: Chloe Old Copper
112.0490.263 Rear Air Outlet Kit: Chloe DG Matt
112.0490.262 Rear Air Outlet Kit: Chloe Old Brass
112.0490.263 Rear Air Outlet Kit: Chloe DG Matt
112.0490.264 Rear Air Outlet Kit: Chloe CG Matt
112.0676.782 Remote Control




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