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NeoChiller is a compact filter and chiller unit that fits neatly beneath your worktop and connects to several of our taps. It filters water from the mains supply, removing impurities to ensure a fresh, pure taste. And it cools the water to the perfect drinking temperature, straight from the tap.

With NeoChiller there’s no messing around with filter jugs, no lugging bottles of water home from the shops and no plastic waste. It’s better for you, and better for the environment.

The high performance under counter NeoChiller is compatible with our 4N1 Touch, C1100, FHC3010 and FHC3020 models. It dispenses perfectly chilled and filtered water with no unpleasant taste and odours. It can dispense up to 7 litres per hour of cold still water between 3°C and 10°C eliminating bottled water or filter jugs, decluttering your kitchen.


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  • Dispense up to 7 litres per hour of cold still water between 3 and 10°C
  • Compatible with 4N1 and HC1100


Cooling performance:   7L/hr (3L continuously)
Dispensed cold water temperature:   3-10°C with 20°C incoming water and 25°C room temperature
Dispensing:   40 sec/L
Condensation:   Ventilated blowing
Thermostat:   Mechanical
Compressor:   1/12 HP
Ice bank:   2L capacity, 1kg of ice
Filter:   Not included